July 19 2010 12:00 AM

The popular downtown bar and restaurant stays open amid legal confusion

    Happy hour at Brannigan Brothers was like any other on Thursday evening.
    Five bar stools had butts in them, three women were sharing chips and
    dip and white wine, three servers scrambled about, Top 40 music was
    over the radio, ESPN was on the televisions and the Bell's Oberon was

    The bar and restaurant closed for three hours Wednesday due to what general manager Nick Watanabe called "legal issues."

    "There's some BS going on, but if it was severe, we wouldn't be open today," he said.

    The bar and restaurant was closed for three hours Wednesday before
    re-opening. Watanabe would not comment further on the legal issues at
    hand, and said, "I'll give you more when I find out."

    Brannigan Brothers will be open until they are told to do otherwise, he said.

    "Well Lansing....This is goodbye :(" was the message posted early
    Wednesday afternoon on the Facebook page of Brannigan Brothers. When
    commenters began asking questions about what that meant, the
    administrator issued a two-word response: "Shut. Down."

    Watanabe would not disclose who posted Wednesday's Facebook message.