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Aug. 18 2010 12:00 AM

The Renegade Theatre Festival runs Thursday to Saturday in Old Town. Shows go on all three nights, unless noted. For updates, visit www.renegadetheatrefestival.org.

Clark Hill Patio, 212 E. Grand River Ave. 7 p.m. Shakespeare on the Grand: "Scenes from Othello"

Creole Gallery, 1218 Turner Street 7 p.m. Capital TheaterWorks: "The Motherin-Law" and "The Bickersons" (Thursday & Friday only)

The Mustang, 1213 North Turner Street 2 and 3:30 p.m. Super Christy Players: "Poetry by Shel"; 7 p.m. The Puppet Theatre: "A Holiday Romance"; 9 p.m. Stormfield Theatre: "The Unity Project"

Perspective 2, 319 E. Grand River Ave. 7 p.m. Riverwalk Theatre: "Murder at Locker 069" (Thursday & Friday only); 9 p.m. Ruhala Performing Arts Center: "An Artist´s Nightmare: Returning to the Small Town" (Thursday & Friday only)

Red Cedar Friends Meeting House, 1400 Turner Street 2 and 3:30 p.m. All-of-us Express Children´s Theatre: "Story Book Story Theatre"

Studio 1210, 1210 Turner Street 2 and 3:30 p.m. Mid-Michigan Familly Theatre: "Stone Soup"; 7 p.m. Story Hour: "Saginawesome" (Thursday & Friday only); 9 p.m. Williamston Theatre: "And the Creek Don´t Rise" (Thursday & Friday only)

1223 Turner Street 2 and 3:30 p.m.: Keesa Muhammad: "Back to the Past: A Children´s Story"; 7 p.m. Sandra Seaton: "Music History"; 9 p.m. Michigan State University Theatre: "Happy Holy Days"

The Warehouse, 305 Beaver Street 7 p.m. Lansing Community College Theatre: Renegade Improv; 9 p.m. Peppermint Creek Theatre: "Dark Play, or Stories for Boys"

Renegade Now!

New original works presented at Red Cedar Friends Meeting House

Thursday 7 p.m. Space #1: "Unlocking Desire"; 9 p.m. "Last Autumn" 7 p.m. Space #2: "3 One-Acts: "Eating Cake," "Two Days in the Park" and "Unfinished Business"; 9 p.m.: "Twenty-One"

Friday 7 p.m. Space #1: "Slow Decline"; 9 p.m. "Unlocking Desire" 7 p.m. Space #2: "Twenty-One"; 9 p.m. "Paid Programming"

Saturday 7 p.m. Space #1: "Last Autumn"; 9 p.m. "Slow Decline" 7 p.m. Space #2: "Paid Programming"; 9 p.m. "3 One-Acts"

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