Sept. 28 2010 12:00 AM

Author MaryJanice Davidson comes to Schuler Books & Music tonight

    Cadence Jones is not your everyday cop. Her special talent sets
    her apart from the crowd and that talent is — insanity.

    Jones, the main character of MaryJanice Davidson’s new book “Me,
    Myself and Why,” is not the only crazy one. “Everyone in the book has some sort
    of special talent. Hers just happens to be the multiple personalities she turns
    into that help her solve crimes and mysteries,” says Whitney Spotts, promotions
    coordinator at Schuler Books & Music.

    Tonight, Schuler Books & Music invites vampire literature
    enthusiasts to welcome Davidson to a Girls’ Night Out event. “Everyone is
    welcome,” Spotts says. “Girls Night Out is a monthly series we have here at the
    bookstore that targets female authors and female literature. It’s typically an
    author talking about her book and the new series and where she might be
    continuing with it. She may or may not read a little. It really depends on the
    author. Then, we plan to have a quick question-and-answer session.”

    With the genre of “vampire chick lit,” or supernatural romantic
    literature, becoming increasingly popular among young adults — especially
    females — Davidson brings something new to the table. Being a New York Times
    best-selling author, she presents paranormal romance while still maintaining
    wit and humor. “Her style is very funny, definitely chick-lit,” Spotts says.
    “Fun, fast-paced with a supernatural edge to it. I think you’re always gonna
    get her sassy edge.

    “She’s always adding something different. (‘Me, Myself and Why’)
    is kinda different in the sense that it’s more of a mystery than a supernatural
    book, but it’s still similar in some ways. It’s still has her fun, mischievous

    For more information, visit

    MaryJanice Davidson
    7 p.m.
    Tuesday, Sept. 28
    Schuler Books & Music, Eastwood Towne Center
    2820 Towne Center
    Blvd., Lansing

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