Sept. 29 2010 12:00 AM

    (Lance Enderle is the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 8th Congressional District. City Pulse is donating space to Enderle between now and the General Election as an in-kind contribution. Enderle’s writing is unedited.)

    With burners on high, the election season is heating up and Republicans are cranking out rhetoric of winning a majority in Congress this November. Meanwhile, little media play has been given to the meeting of 40-50 energy and telecom industry executives with the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Republican members on September 15 at The Republican Club.

    In that meeting, Republicans told big business that it’s time to pay up if they expect their usual benefits when their party takes control. Lawmakers willing to trade votes for campaign cash attended, and Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers was there as usual, with his hand out.

    Republicans speak as though the elections have already been held, the votes have been counted, and the results are in. With this in mind, Rogers is doing everything possible to vacuum up every dollar big business is willing to throw his way.

    During the dark Bush/Cheney years, we watched as Rogers stood mute while Eli Lilly and Pfizer wrote their own prescription drug laws. During that same period, AIG and numerous insurance companies set government health insurance guidelines while Rogers eagerly played along, allowing them that luxury as long as the campaign checks didn’t bounce.

    BP, and big oil practically wrote their own energy and environmental
    policies. Wall Street and BankAmerica, in essence, wrote government
    financial laws. Mike stayed out of their way and allowed the free market
    to regulate itself and rape as it pleased.

    the public is paying an excessive price for Mike’s backward policies.
    We’re living in the worst economic times since the great depression, we
    recently witnessed the worst environmental disaster in history, and
    corporations are siphoning our jobs to other countries faster than you
    can say NAFTA.

    These horrible consequences are the real-life results of Rogers and Congressional
    leaders following the Bush/ Cheney blueprint. It’s frightening that
    Rogers can’t see the results of his voting record, and wants us to
    continue following him down this disastrous path.

    is willing to allow the United States to become a nation Of The
    Corporations, For The Corporations, and By The Corporations, but only
    after the corporations fill his campaign chest. Of course, corporations
    are willing to pay because they can easily pass the tab along to their
    consumers--John Q. Public.

    one has to question where all this campaign cash is going. After all,
    Rogers’ campaign literature states that it has been "prepared,
    published, and mailed at taxpayer expense."

    yet another taxpayer funded campaign literature piece that Rogers
    recently sent to thousands of constituents he writes; "...we need to get
    government out of the way so small businesses across Michigan can
    keep their doors open and create jobs." However, he gives no clue as to
    how he’ll create jobs, or why he hadn’t worried about this sooner. The
    assumption is he’ll give us more of the same worn out, tried-and-failed

    The irony
    is rich when Rogers continually pushes the notion that government
    doesn’t work, then asks us to keep him running our government by
    electing him again. Since
    the 2000 elections, when voters first put him in office, Rogers has
    done everything he could to prove that government doesn’t work--at least
    not for the general public. But his voting record has worked miracles
    for the top dogs.

    only way we can turn these problems around is to finally say we have
    had enough, and send Rogers packing. What we need most is what we
    haven’t had for the last 10 years--congressional representatives who are
    not afraid of being held accountable to the people who elected them.