Oct. 20 2010 12:00 AM

Vim fashion and health magazine launches at MSU


    Vim, a new fashion and health
    magazine made its way to the Michigan State University campus this week. The magazine
    will be published quarterly, with spotlights on seasonal fashion trends and designs.

    “We’ve been working since last
    February and we started putting up flyers. We called ourselves the Vogue
    Project, since we didn’t have a name then, and within a few days we had hundreds
    of students applying,” says Kerry Chereskin, editor-in-chief of Vim.

    To promote the magazine, a launch
    party will be held on Thursday, Oct. 21 from 9 p.m. to close at the Post Bar, 213 Ann St. in East Lansing. Advance copies of the first issue will be available, and guests can also have
    their photos taken in red carpet style.

    Chereskin joined the publication with previous experience.

    “I’m actually a transfer student at Michigan
    State. I worked at the University of Miami earlier at Up magazine. I was
    there when it started off and I was involved with the whole process of the
    magazine. I really wanted to bring that here since there is such a large fashion
    and design community at MSU and there’s no specific magazine that caters their

    What does the Vim name mean?

    “It’s actually Vim, like one of
    the words in the MSU fight song,” says Emily Drake, public relations director.

    “Actually it was our creative director who came up with it," Chereskin said. "It
    means enthusiasm and vitality, and we chose the word because we want the readers
    to have the same attitude and be excited about reading it.”

    Although there have been other
    similar on-campus publications in the past like Spartini, Vim is different. According
    to Chereskin, apart from fashion-related talk and health tips, “we also cover a
    lot of interior design, features and culture — it’s all around it.”

    Times are changing, people are
    changing and so is fashion. So how will Vim keep up?

    “I had an internship this past
    summer with Marie Claire," Chereskin said, "and our beauty director (at Vim) had an internship with Vogue.
    I mean, we learnt a lot, but we don’t use their ideas. Most of our ideas come
    from our staff and brainstorming.”

    “We think about what students
    like, new things in stores here on campus and latest trends,” explains Drake.

    Vim, which is a free publication, is trying to connect to community businesses.

    “We’re definitely trying to
    work with Genealogy, this new boutique, (and) a lot of health clubs and fitness
    centers, so there is a variety,” Chereskin says. "There’s a lot of interest from
    different companies so there’s no specific company that we’re targeting.”

    Readers also have the choice of surfing through the publication’s blog, or finding Vim on both Twitter and Facebook.