Nov. 11 2010 12:00 AM

Mustaches vs. Cancer contest is now in its third year

    (Thursday, Nov. 11) Phrases
    like “Get your ‘stache on” and “Grow a rug on your mug!” are some of the
    slogans of the Mustaches vs. Cancer Charity, which is midway through its annual
    drive to collect donations for the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in
    New York City.

    a fund-raiser and a contest. Competitors with names like Sir Stachelot,
    PutzStachio and Mr. Tickles post their photos on the Mustaches vs. Cancer
    website (
    and visitors are invited to donate dollars to their favorites. Some, like
    TroopK3087, have collected over $1,000; others are still waiting for their
    first dollar.

    is our third year doing this,” says founder and coordinator Stefan Turkula. “In
    college, my friends and I grew mustaches for fun. I was working at the Memorial
    Sloan-Kettering at the time and I kept thinking about how you could grow a
    mustache as a job: you know, have people give money for someone growing a
    mustache to keep them going. I also thought it’d be pretty funny to see guys in
    their 20s to 30s growing mustaches, ‘cuz it’s not exactly a fashion statement

    number of contributors and competitors has increased each year. According to
    the website, the first two competitions brought in over $75,000 in donations.
    The contest concludes Nov. 28.