Feb. 2 2011 12:00 AM

It's the metal band's second in two years

Last Saturday night, the Blackened Moon Concert Hall was filled with smoke, booze and
local Lansing metal bands, as Occasus held its CD release party.

metal scene tries to help each other out,” said Eric Potts, guitarist
of Occasus. “The rap scene in Lansing is more cutthroat, but we invited
our friends to come play.”

The band's
self-titled CD is the second album the band has released in
two years. “Occasus” and their first album, “Beyond the Dregs,” were
both self-produced.

Potts and drummer Ray Crane were in charge of running the soundboard in Crane’s house, where they have a studio.
the band has been prolific, some of the members
admit that it’s hard to get a good practice schedule. Two members
commute from Kalamazoo and, since the studio is at Crane’s house, they
have to fit into his schedule.

“We’re making progress fast,” Crane said.
band members admit they tend to pull a lot of people to their shows.
Occasus sounds like Lamb of God, Pantera and the Deftones, said Crane,
which allows people who don’t usually like metal to become fans. That
was definitely the case Saturday.

and Potts admit that they’ve thought about a tour; possible a Midwest
tour over the summer, and maybe down to Florida where Crane used to live.

Along with the CD release, the band also had four simultaneous cameras running to compile material for a DVD.
was definitely one of the highlight shows,”
Potts said. “It wasn’t the
biggest attendance -- we expected about 100 more -- but there was a lot of