Feb. 4 2011 12:00 AM

'Secret Life of Toads' looks at junior high social life

In “The Secret Lives of Toads”, much of the plot involves the strife between various cliques of middle school kids and the characters, like real kids, can be pretty mean to each other.

to director Bill Gordon, there’s just one problem with his otherwise “exceptional” cast members – they’re struggling to be mean enough.

kids in our play are just so nice,” Gordon said, with a laugh. “They’re having a hard time exposing
the nastiness that’s in their characters.”

opens at the Mid-Michigan Family Theatre Friday.

play by D.W. Gregory tells the story of Harvey played by Connor Clifford on his
first day at a new school.

Outsider Harvey befriends the shy Cissy (Olivia Cmerjek) and tough girl,
Barrie (Anabel Allen), and the three navigate together through a feud with the
school snob.

quite fun and meaningful at the same time,” Gordon said. “I think kids will see something of
themselves in the play.”

“The Secret Lives of Toads”

Mid-Michigan Family Theatre
Frandor Ave, Lansing

January 4-13

7 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 3
p.m. Sundays

$6 students and adults, $4 for
preschool ages.

(517) 339-2145