Feb. 9 2011 12:00 AM

You call these guys religious?

Andy Balaskovitz (City Pulse, Jan 26, Guns, Violence and Politics) has researched the number of people with Concealed Pistol Licenses in the state and in Ingham County. He points out that in recent years there were thirty-four persons in the county who were victims of homicide by gunfire and fifty-eight who committed suicide with a gun.

In his interview with Allen, president of the Capitol Area Sportsmen’s League, Allen’s line of reasoning is difficult to follow. Considering the many homicides committed by guns in Ingham County, Allen claims that people who carry guns (“Wolves” he calls them as opposed to “Sheep”) are the ones who prevent violence. Further in the article, Allen is described as “a religious man and it shows in his passion for firearms.”

At the end of the article, Al Stark, owner of Al’s Appliance Long Guns and Hand Guns, says, “This country was founded on God, family, guns and guts.”

If these men attend a Christian Church, they are not paying attention. It would appear that everything they stand for, as understood by their comments, is diametrically opposed to everything that Jesus is quoted as saying in the New Testament.

— George Griffiths, Holt