Feb. 9 2011 12:00 AM

1105 S. Washington Ave., Lansing Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat Noon-6 p.m. (517) 708-7924



Open for less than a month now, Best Buds has been generating a big enough buzz to catch a contact high off of. Located in the heart of REO Town next to the old Dalmatian’s restaurant, Best Buds offers some of the best meds and smoking accessories around — at friendly prices.

Originally, prices at Best Buds were to be kept at $10 a gram across the board. After realizing how difficult that would be to keep quality meds in stock, some strains were upped to $15 per gram. A $10 membership fee is required, but it includes a free gram of your choice from either price bracket.

For $15 a gram, the Chem-91 strain was the best-looking bud to my eye. A variation on the well known Chemdawg, this sativa-heavy, hard-to-find strain was even more enticing for its purple color and heavy coating of amber trichomes. The smell was hard to distinguish, but had hints of fuel to it. A slightly spicy, pepper-like taste was the dominant flavor. Very heady and hazy at first, the intense buzz soon shifted to an energetic, social high that lasted well over a couple of hours. A good daytime sativa for sure.

At $10 a gram, the
Sensi Star was the best deal there. The buds were dense and covered in
resin. Some buds had fingered at the stem — maybe due to some excess
heat or humidity while growing — but still looked and smelled great. The
smoke was surprisingly smooth with only a touch of that chemical
aftertaste. Fast hitting and long lasting, the high was extremely
relaxing. It brought on about an hour of couch-lock and a nap not long
after. Patients with pain or insomnia could benefit from an indica like
Sensi Star. This strain is great for growers due to its versatility in
growing conditions and methods, as well as its yield.

for $10 a gram was the legendary, indica-dominant Dumpster strain.
About a dozen stories speculate on the history of this strain, but they
basically boil down to it originating in Ohio. Lime green, fruity
smelling and sweet tasting, the Dumpster’s name can only be attributed
to its legend. The high was full bodied, relaxing and lasting with an
easy come down.

Best Buds doesn’t just reflect the guys who own the shop — it’s a pretty accurate description of their product too.