Feb. 24 2011 12:00 AM

2208 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing. Mon-Sat 11 a.m.-7 p.m. (517) 708-8191 www.capitalcitycargivers.org


This story was corrected Feb. 24.

Capital City Caregivers opened last year with the mission to provide safe, secure and professional access to high quality medical marijuana for registered patients and caregivers.

Quickly becoming one of the most popular dispensaries in Lansing, CCC has continued to provide only the best in medical marijuana strains and edibles to its members. Upstairs from CCC is Capital City Grower Supply, which offers lights, hydroponics equipment, nutrients and whatever else an indoor horticulturist may need.

CCC does require a membership — $25 for patients, $50 for caregivers — and is one of the few clubs to put its money into action. In October, CCC bused members to metro Detroit to protest raids on registered patients and caregivers.

Strains at CCC range from $12 to $20. A menu is available online at their website, and orders can be called
in by phone ahead of time. CCC also offers varieties of hash and
medibles, such as suckers and cookies. As of Monday morning, the menu
featured 11 different strains, four kinds of hash, tincture and Peanut
Butter’s topical oil.

$15 a gram, Black Domina is great bud for indica lovers. A crossbreed
of four heavy indicas, Black Domina is probably best before bed or on a
day off. The smell was spicy, and the taste was thick and peppery. The
high was pure indica, relaxing and soothing to the whole body. Pain
patients could find plenty of relief with this strain.

$15 strain is White Lightning, which is almost always available. An
indica-dominant hybrid, White Lightning’s sweet, earthy smell and taste
have made this strain popular among CCC’s members. The indica really
shows in the high, mainly targeting the body. The head high isn’t so
heavy that you won’t get anything finished.

$20 a gram, the Sour Bubble is another mostly Indica stain. Sour
Bubble’s buds were bright green and trichome-covered with a pleasant,
fruity aroma. The taste was sweet and fruity with hints of sourness to
it — very tasty overall. Pretty and potent, Sour Bubble produces a
premium incida high, great for those with insomnia, loss of appetite and

members complain of not being able to see and inspect the meds before
choosing from the menu. That may be a turn off for some, but if you talk
to the staff about your needs beforehand, you’ll probably end up making
the right choice.