March 16 2011 12:00 AM

605 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing

Seven days/week 10 a.m.-10 p.m. (517) 367-7067

The Kushion has a fashionable — yet secure — double-door entrance, and they check your credentials to ensure your legality. I paid $15 for a yearly membership, but was told it would go toward lobbying and other educational projects related to medical marijuana.

After signing a liability form, I was escorted back to the medicine room. The store maintains a stylish oak and brick theme. As I passed the edibles — con sisting of Rice Krispies and cupcakes — I noticed they were poorly wrapped and displayed. However, the cannabis itself was a nice surprise.

The Kushion has two classes of buds priced at $15 and $20 per gram. There were six or seven strains per price range, and all appeared well grown and properly stored for consumption. Unfortunately, they weren´t labeled, and I had to continuously ask for the names of strains. Information that is pertinent to selection should have been prominent and readily available, though the staff was educated and very informative.

My first selection was Purple Haze from the $15 level. The Haze was fairly dense and snapped when I bent it down the middle — the sign of a good cure. When smoked, it provided a nice analgesic effect, helping to mute chronic nerve pain. A definite plus to the Purple Haze was the energy that accompanied its other effects, relieving recent fatigue due to a prolonged chest cold.

My final selection was the Confidential Cheese at $20 a gram. The bud tender trimmed several leaves off of my choice before I purchased it, which was greatly appreciated. The effects were immediate and felt from head to toe, easing and relieving chronic joint pain.

The Kushion also had clones for sale and a locally bred strain in seed form. Being a gardener myself, the clones didn´t look promising. Here too, there weren´t any labels or descriptions presented. There was a white coating on a couple of the clones, which could have been a spray or a powdery mildew. Either way, it was an unnatural substance. When I return, it won´t be for the clones.

The Kushion’s cannabis was well worth the trip to Michigan Avenue. Luckily, all that neon out front makes them an easy store to spot. The staff is helpful with a down-to-earth attitude — these guys seem to have a genuine love for what they do.