March 24 2011 12:00 AM

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Tips for first-timers n Make a list of what you have or what you’re looking for.

. You can pick up an exhibitor listing by subject and by booth number at the Information Booth.

. Compare prices, but don’t expect it to be there later. The time to buy a collectible book is when you see it!

. There are price guides, reference books and supplies for sale at the Information Booth.

. Some dealers may negotiate. You’ll have better luck if you’re polite and smile.

. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, ask a dealer.

Security n Bags must be stapled shut. Please be sure you have the receipt.

.n If you have several packages, the Information Booth can check them for you, consolidate them for you, or both.

. Bringing items for sale into the exhibitor hall is strongly discouraged. It’s better to make an appointment with a dealer outside of the show.

. If you must bring something in, notify the security guard at the entrance and arrangements will be made.

Door prizes n Five door prizes ($20 gift certificates) are awarded throughout the day.

. The gift certificates may be used at the show.

. Enter to win at the Information Booth!