March 24 2011 12:00 AM

1242 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing Hours: M-Sat 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (989) 292-5143


S&S Collectives is a tricky little shop to find when driving east down Grand River Avenue out of Old Town. However, if you’re going west, it’s tough to miss the gigantic banner reading “Medical Marijuana Services.”

Upon entering the shop, I was enthusiastically greeted by a jolly man with a genuine love for what he does. He checked my papers and informed me that there was no membership fee. They had eight different strains of medicine and also one kind of nicely packaged and displayed edible peanut butter cups. Meds ranged from $3 a joint to $15 a gram.

I was disappointed to see commercial brick weed available in a dispensary, knowing this stuff likely doesn’t benefit our local growers and is more common on the illegal market. At $8 a gram, God knows what has been sprayed on it. Some local strains go for $10 to $15 a gram.

I tried the White Widow and the Blueberry, each at $15 a gram and was given some free product from the $5-a-gram, ground-up mix. They also gave me a little bit of unlabeled kief.

The $5 mix was a surprise. I thought it was a bust from the start, but it had a mild, uplifting effect on my mood. It aided with my depression, but the cerebral feeling was quick to fade and didnt help my pain much — I had to medicate again 30 minutes later. When mixed with the kief, it helped with the pain, as well as the depression again. This quickly faded again and left me medicating very frequently.

The Blueberry had the best bag appeal with some purple leaves and a fruity smell. The cannabis appeared well cured and indeed was once I sampled the product. The Blueberry features a very light berry taste with an excellent burn. The pain-reliving qualities of this cannabis are notable, and it also calmed my mind and soul, relieving my ever-present anxiety. This samples effects lasted longer. It was perhaps an hour before medication was needed again.

The White Widow was the star of the group. Even though it felt slightly damp, it still burned well. The effects started immediately with an even body/pain relief and head/tension release. Nice, I thought. The medicinal effects continued to grow for about 15 minutes after I finished medicating and lasted nearly two hours.

S&S had an enjoyable atmosphere, but until the quality of the medication is brought up, this buckaroo can’t recommend it as my first choice. The employee was trying to obtain information to help the patients through survey cards on the strains’ effectiveness. This is a nice start to what could be a thriving business if he can bring his ideas to fruition. I hope to return soon and see the passion reflected in their business endeavor. Keep at it and dont give up.