March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Tonight’s Committee of the Whole to look at elected officials’ pay

Monday, April 4 — The Elected Officers Compensation Commission recommends that elected officials’ pay stay the same as it was in 2009.

The Lansing City Council is scheduled to review the commission’s recommendation at tonight’s Committee of the Whole meeting. There is no scheduled business during the Council’s regular meeting, which takes place before Committee of the Whole.

The six-page report suggests keeping pay levels at the same rate as in 2009 and includes the following salaries:

  • Mayor: $101,650.

  • City clerk: $72,555.

  • City Council president: $22,200.

  • City Council vice president: $20,950.

  • Regular City Council members: $20,200.

The commission also recommends keeping the mayor’s and the city clerk’s contribution to their health care premiums at 10 percent. Council members have the option of purchasing health care insurance at their own expense at the same rate of other city part-time employees.

The five-member citizen commission’s recommendation is based on “the National and State economic climate, the resulting financial condition of the City, our review of executive and legislative responsibilities, and comparisons with other communities.” It approved the recommendation at its March 23 meeting.

In other news, the state Liquor Control Commission notified the city last week that four Lansing businesses are now authorized to sell “spirits, mixed spirit drink and/or beer and wine” on Sunday mornings: Clara’s at 637 E. Michigan Ave., Edgewood Party Store at 815 W. Edgewood Boulevard, 1910 Meat Market at 2203 W. Holmes Road and Target at 500 E. Edgewood Boulevard.