April 6 2011 12:00 AM

5812-D S. Cedar St., Lansing. Hours: M-Sat 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Sun 11 a.m.-5 p.m. (517) 580-4461


This small, white building is unmistakable to southbound travelers on Cedar Street with its giant red cross and cannabis leaf painted on the side. Upon entering through a screen door, there were two counters and a small waiting area with magazines and a television. All of this was squeezed into a small amount of square footage, yet it didn’t feel too cramped.

They had a large supply of cannabis, several medibles, six different clones and a couple varieties of seeds. The clones were hit or miss and ranged from $20 to $30 each. Some stood tall and looked great, while others showed evidence of burning and too much light.

The cannabis was kept in glass jars behind the counter, rather than on display, and ranged from $10 to $25 a gram. I sampled the Hogs Breath, Pineapple Kush, Snowcap and Lambsbread.

The indica-heavy Hogs Breath had a nice numbing effect on the body, taking away both muscle and nerve pain while stimulating appetite with minimal drowsiness. The taste was an unexpected light, sweet, floral favor, contrary to what I had heard about Hogs Breath.

The sativa/indica hybrid Pineapple Kush looked the best but its effects were mediocre. My mind was relaxed yet my aching body felt no relief — not what I expected from the look and sweet, fruity taste.

The Snowcap was an excellent sativa-heavy variety, a descendent of the famous Chemdog line of genetics from Colorado. The buds were scraggly but had a lovely menthol- and fuel-type smell. I figured the taste would be similar, but instead it had a slight taste reminiscent of good hazes with a skunky, lemon finish to it. The effects were almost immediate and quite powerful — good for nerve pain, anxiety, appetite and motivation. The effects lasted two-plus hours.

The Lambsbread is a straight sativa from Jamaica. It’s a uniquely excellent motivator and relaxer at the same time — perfect for daytime and activities where it pays to be more alert. It was quite powerful and felt almost completely in the head.

Great Lakes also offers doctor recommendations at $100 for those with previous medical records and $200 for those without. This is helpful for those who don’t have insurance and may not have prior medical records.