March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Proposed changes for Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department

Saturday, April 16 — Proposed plans for Lansing’s Parks and Recreation Department for the upcoming fiscal year include temporarily closing the Moores Park pool, turning certain maintenance duties over to Ingham County and reducing forestry services by 15 percent.

The Bernero administration’s proposal recommends “reducing the number of parks for Public Services to maintain,” by transferring maintenance of parks less than five acres and the River Trail and its adjacent parks to Ingham County. Forestry services include tree trimming, removal and planting.

At-Large Councilwoman
Carol Wood said the administration's proposal was made at Tuesday's public budget hearing at the South Side Community Center. Wood posted a
copy of it on her Facebook page Friday night.

The Moores Park pool, 600 Moores River Drive, is said to close temporarily, but the Hunter Park Pool will remain open. According to the Moores Park Neighborhood Organization, the pool was dedicated as the “J. H. Moores Memorial Natatorium” in 1922.

Parks Director Jemerson has also said the city will draft a list of properties in the coming weeks that it intends to sell. If any of those properties are considered “dedicated” parkland — for instance, Waverly Golf Course — a citywide vote is required to sell them.

The full presentation of proposed parks changes is available here.