April 20 2011 12:00 AM

Goetsch-Winkler House, 2410 Hulett Road, Okemos


Property: Goetsch-Winkler House, 2410 Hulett Road, Okemos

Owner: Daniel and Audrey Seidman

Assessed value: $87,400

Have you ever heard that strange and wondrous-sounding
word, “Usonion?” I’d be surprised if you did. But it is much more likely
you’ve heard of Frank Lloyd Wright. You might even know of a couple
Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Okemos, like the Goetsch-Winkler House — a
Usonian — at 2410 Hulett Road.

Usonian was the term given by Wright to about 100 houses
he designed in response to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Usonians
are small, uniquely designed houses that were inexpensive to build and
maintain, allowing average Americans to live simply and well within
their means. 

The Great Recession has been the catalyst of a much-needed
revival in living simpler, both environmentally and economically.
Wright said in his autobiography: “It is only super-common-sense that
can take us along the road to the better thing in building.” 

Michigan has a great number of Wright-designed Usonian
houses. Parkwyn Village in Kalamazoo comprises four Usonians, as does
The Acres in Galesburg. Built in 1940, the Goetsch-Winkler is considered
one of Wright’s best designs.

Although many Frank Lloyd Wright houses are available for public tours — like Grand Rapids’ Meyer May House, Falling Water and the Robie House to name a few — curiously most Usonian houses have remained privately owned. Few Usonians have been open to the public and only during limited periods to a limited number of people. 

The following is a list of nearby Usonian houses and the year they were built.

Goetsch-Winkler House, 1940
Edwards House, 1949
Brauner House, 1948
Schaberg House, 1950

West Michigan
The Acres, Galesburg
Pratt House, 1948
Eppstein House, 1948
Meyer House, 1948
Weisblat House, 1948

Parkwyn Village, Kalamazoo
McCartney House, 1949
Eric V. Brown House, 1949
Levin House, 1948

Eastern Michigan
Turkel House, 1955

These houses are privately owned and not available for tours. Please refrain from trespassing.