April 20 2011 12:00 AM

6030 S. Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 8, Lansing Hours: M-F 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sat-Sun Noon-8 p.m. (517) 394-7701 www.pureoptions.com


Inside the discretely located Pure Options looks like your standard doctor’s office until you get to the back room and find an oak bar and service counter, televisions and black leather couches. The daily menu is posted on the wall for convenience.

Cannabis ranges from $12 to $15 a gram — good prices for the quality they had. The $13-a-gram Sour OG was helpful for nausea but didn’t have long-lasting effects. The flavor was pleasant but left the palate quickly.

Unfortunately, this is common with the hydroponics-grown method. The plus here, however, is that it’s all done by locals.

I was pleased to try the renowned Death Star (a Sensi Star/Sour Diesel hybrid) at $15 a gram. The smoke was nice and smooth, though I found the taste extremely lacking given the pungent tastes of Death Star’s parentage. I have a feeling someone got impatient when the plant started to look real nice. While this left a slightly grassy taste, I hope to sample this strain in the future as the grower gets used to it. Maybe he or she will even try growing it in soil, as the original breeders meant.  

I also sampled some Afghooey x Blueberry Snow, a great deal at $13 a gram. It was an effective pain reliever, muscle relaxer and sleep aid. However, the dosage can be controlled so as to not make you sleepy. It was an incredibly smooth smoke causing no coughing, well cured and dried to perfection.

A couple varieties of butane and bubble hash were available for $40 and $30 a gram, respectively. I tried some decent White Fire OG bubble hash but it was by no means a full-melt hash. It did bubble for what seemed like a millisecond.  The taste and medicinal effects were very nice, though, and one to three hits kept me pain free and clear-headed for several hours.

Pure Options is an asset to Lansing’s medical marijuana market. It’s a clean environment with good meds at fair prices. The owners seem very patient-oriented with a desire to help our community. Watch for massage therapists coming soon and a special grand opening with discounted meds.