April 27 2011 12:00 AM

Red Cedar Golf Course “club house,” 203 S. Clippert St., Lansing


Property: Red Cedar Golf Course “club house,” 203 S. Clippert St., Lansing

Owner: City of Lansing

Assessed value: Unknown

Owner says: “Planning alternative uses for the park … club house could possibly once again play a supporting role.”

Standing on what used to be the first tee of the Red Cedar Golf Course has a post-apocalyptic feel to it. Ever since Mayor Virg Bernero closed down the course in 2007, long grass and weeds have taken over what used to be golfing holes. Complementing the weeds are the old “club house” and snack bar. Three pull-carts remain in the fenced-in rental area, along with some plastic tables and chairs and an old picnic table. Light fixtures and an electrical box are rusted out on the building.

The golf course and building are a stark contrast to Kircher Park just south, which beams with vibrant-colored playground equipment, a new maintenance building and a well-kempt baseball field.

— Andy Balaskovitz

critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Start spring off in the best
possible way with a great clean — not only inside, but outside too.
Michigan winters are tough on us, our roads and our buildings — even
unused buildings. This structure at the Red Cedar Golf Course could use
a good scrubbing — eaves need cleaning, fallen tree debris, overgrown
shrubs, and wear and tear on the physical structure need attending.
Basic maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of a building,
especially unused ones that are at greatest risk of neglect.

Check for physical alterations in the following areas of the building
that are most susceptible to damage from harsh Michigan winters:

Siding (all types; wood, vinyl, etc.)

  • check for damage from rain, wind and snow

  • broken vinyl siding

  • water damaged wood siding

  • peeling paint


  • check for settling and moisture damaged

Masonry (foundation, porch, chimney)

  • freeze and thaw can damage masonry

This only an advisory list- each building is unique and requires a
thorough inspection tailored to it’s particular building type and

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