May 11 2011 12:00 AM

900 W. Holmes Road, Lansing (517) 977-0725 Hours: M-Sat, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.







Green Leaf Clinic is located on the north side of Holmes
Road in a small strip mall near the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard
intersection. The edifice is adorned with a modern-looking illuminated
sign, making this dispensary easy to find. The lobby is bright, open and
modestly decorated with comfortable-looking furniture. I visited on a
recent Wednesday afternoon and was greeted at the entrance window and
led into the clinic after verifying my credentials as a qualified
medical marijuana patient. 

All available strains were listed and
priced on neat, easy-to-read displays that are updated daily. The 11
varieties available on this particular day ranged from $13 to $20 a
gram. Larger quantities were slightly discounted. While physician
services are not available, they plan to introduce these soon. They also
accept credit cards and manage an e-mail list with alerts for patrons
desiring specific medicines. 

I want to emphasize what a breath of
fresh air this dispensary is, with the pleasant and professional
appearance to the warmth and responsiveness of staff. Both were
respectful, engaging and eager to help. Green Leaf Clinic is highly
organized with credential verification and print materials, as well as a
working website and telephone number. While these might sound like
basic business necessities, I am constantly surprised by the absence of
such at other Lansing dispensaries. 

I selected a strawberry sucker and a gram of Afgoo, an
indica-dominant hybrid known for its relaxing, euphoria-producing
characteristics. The sucker was made in a home kitchen with .125 grams
of a medical marijuana extract, sugar and flavorings. I experienced a
very mild head buzz after an hour or two that lasted four to five
additional hours. However, my cognition was not adversely affected. This
would be a good option for individuals who need to function well while

The Afgoo, on the other hand, produced significant
euphoria, reduction of physical pain and a feeling of serenity. When
smoked, the Afgoo had a crisp, clean taste with a hint of nuttiness and
an oily aftertaste (not in a bad way). The more intense effects lasted
about three to four hours.

When I completed my purchases, staffers bagged my medicine
with a business card, a discount coupon (buy two, get one free gram), a
coupon for an adjacent business and some free candies. In this
saturated Lansing medical marijuana commercial market, customer service
will be the driver of success. Green Leaf Clinic seems to have that