March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Graffiti artists team up with local sculptor for 'Deluxe Graffiti REO-vised'


For better or for worse and most would say for the better the once-notorious Deluxe Inn is history. Pieces of the former motel will on, however, in graffiti art that was created on the site. At 7 p.m. Monday, REO Town kicks off National Hip Hop Week with an event called Deluxe Graffiti REO-vised, in which graffiti artists will be creating new pieces that will be installed onto wood and recycled metal sculptures created by Lansing artist Tom Sheerin, who began working on his project in January.

The materials used go hand in hand with REO Town," said Sheerin in a press release. "It has a rich
history in industry and by recycling and reusing materials it is
acknowledging that history/

"Deluxe Graffiti REO-vised" takes place at Art Alley, 1133 S. Washington Ave.

Starting next week, you can see Sheerin's sculptures along the Washington Avenue commercial corridor. Plans for an annual event in which graffiti artists can refresh the look of REO Town with new sculptures and artworks are under consideration.

Learn more at or by visiting the event's Facebook page.