March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Genocya finally rolls out a debut CD, nine years after the band started


long-running thrash/death stalwarts Genocya have finally released a real
full-length album, “Ever Descent.” The band had a demo and an unreleased
but reasonably easily obtained live disc prior to this, if you’re keeping
track, but this is the first legit disc.
Not many bands wait
nine years to put out a proper debut album, but most bands don’t have as many
line-up shifts (or as much bad luck) as Genocya, either.

This is at least
the seventh configuration of the group. It’s not the prime line-up (that would
be the Sever/Albrecht/van Staveren/Peterman/Keech dream team) but it’s a solid
one, and they do a damned fine job on “Ever Descent.”  

After the brief
misstep of starting the record with a voice sample, the band begins the
pummeling with the Genocya staple “Your Salvation,” and they don’t really let
up from there. The instruments are played with total ferocity, especially Tim
Sever’s drumming. The man is an animal, and it’s nice to finally be able to
hear every jaw-dropping 64th note kick drum beat. More than one drummer has
given up the hobby in disgust after seeing Sever nonchalantly smack his kit
around, cigarette dangling from his lips  — smoking ban be damned.  

Guitarists Brad
van Staveren and “Yukon” Matt Cunningham weave in and out of each other’s
playing so well it’s almost as if they were one really great guitar player. Jim
Albrecht’s bass should have been more audible in general, but it’s a small
complaint; most folks are going to listen to this on their computers anyway, so
they’ll never notice. 

The band’s new
vocalist Dane Brown steps up to the plate and fills former singer Jeff Keech’s
shoes quite well — and those were rather large shoes, despite Keech’s
diminutive size.  Brown’s voice is more conventional than Keech’s but is
very effective.

The old songs (“Your
Salvation,” “Omega Alignment”) are the standouts and, while it would have been
great to have a proper recording of “Strangling Ritual” on the album what the
band does turn in here is solid and enjoyable metal. Though “Ever Descent” isn’t
groundbreaking, it’s not cookie-cutter either, as the guys skillfully combine
their influences in a way that works for them.

Don’t let the
modest, black-and-white packaging dissuade you, what’s inside will crush your

Genocya CD release show

5 p.m. Saturday, June 11 Blackened Moon Concert

3208 S. Martin Luther King Blvd., Lansing

Featuring 10 metal bands and a performance by
Genocya at midnight

$10, all ages

(517) 393-7469