June 8 2011 12:00 AM

530 E. Grand River Road, Williamston Township (517) 655-5400 www.greenleafsupplies.com


GreenLeaf is a dispensary I never thought I’d set foot in again. I must say, I was a little bit reluctant when driving out to conduct my review. The last time I was at this location it was the Green Leaf Smokers Club, which was run by Wayne Dagit, who was arrested for allegedly possessing more than 200 pounds of marijuana. That operation showed the lack of care for our medical marijuana community’s well being and Dagit was a major reason I never went back.

Flash forward three years and here I am walking through the door again. This time, things were different. I was greeted by a 20-something in extremely relaxed attire and his German shepherd. After inspecting my card, we walked through the most thrown-together decor I’ve seen in my life. It looks as if many offices were combined into one without any sprucing up of the interior.

The back room included everything from grow equipment to pipes to medicine. Not only was the equipment and nutrients sparse, the cannabis selection was also lacking. GreenLeaf had around seven strains — two at $15 a gram and the rest at $20 a gram.  Then words I never want to hear in a dispensary were soon uttered: “You don’t want either of these strains, they are junk.”

My issue is this: You should take pride in your business and not sell junk. If you do, telling the customer in those words is not a good business practice. GreenLeaf’s edibles were scattered all over without a menu or ingredient or warning labels, or both. I also looked down and saw a lot of edibles thrown in the garbage. I wonder if they expired, as I saw no dates on their products. A variety of capsules and topical oils accompanied the edibles.

To summarize this dispensary, I have to say that for how long they’ve been open, their business practices should be better refined by now. I did try two of their strains both at the $20 level, and had to re-medicate almost immediately. Thinking this was just my tolerance, I had another try with the same results. I might just be crazy, but I won’t be back anytime soon.