June 15 2011 12:00 AM

Soup to Nutz Bistro courtyard, 121 E. Kalamazoo St.


    Property: Soup to Nutz Bistro courtyard, 121 E. Kalamazoo St., Lansing

    Owner: Soup to Nutz

    Assessed value: $5,000

    Outdoor spaces, especially in urban settings, function
    best and are most loved when articulated as a room with defined sides.
    Soup to Nutz Bistro’s secluded courtyard is a perfect example.

    In the heart of downtown near the corner of Grand Avenue
    and Kalamazoo Street, the courtyard is one of the best outdoor
    experiences in Lansing. Brick masonry buildings with cornflower blue
    shutters and fencing with creeping vines define the walls, while the
    tree canopy forms a ceiling. It’s like sitting in the garden of a French
    chateau. In a word: heaven.

    Cindi Swope, owner and chef at Soup to Nutz, said she
    chose the Kalamazoo Avenue location because of the courtyard — she
    really felt it could be something special. It more than doubles the
    capacity of the restaurant and is open as early as mid-April to early
    November, depending on the weather.

    Has it been a while since you last enjoyed this glorious
    outdoor space unique to Lansing? Perhaps you’ve never been? I recommend
    going immediately to savor the beauty and to enjoy the tranquility. Soup
    to Nutz is open Sunday through Friday. Check www.souptonutzbistro.com
    for specific hours.