June 15 2011 12:00 AM

A graduate student goes into hiding to protect himself from Doomsday in MSU’s comedy ’Boom’


Grab your Tang and canned goods, hunker down in your
fallout shelter and get ready to be blown away by the scientific comedy

This production is the second installment in the 51st
season of the Michigan State University Summer Circle Theatre, which
puts on free outdoor plays Wednesdays through Saturdays during the

“Boom” tells the story of a marine biology graduate
student named Jules (Tyler VanCamp) whose research on Beaugregory
Damselfish has convinced him that the end is near; he has gone into
hiding in a bunker in order to protect himself from the impending
apocalypse. He then seeks out a woman (Andrea Miller) on Craigslist to
help him re-populate the Earth.

“As it progresses, it gets more complex, and what you
think you know gets subverted,” explained Rob Roznowski, head of acting
in the MSU theater department. He selected “Boom” to be part of the
summer lineup because it “has painted such an intelligent mix of science
and comedy, which is a pretty rare combination.”

Director Brandon Piper also emphasizes the unique qualities that the unlikely mix of genres seen in “Boom” offer to audiences.

It “successfully melds science, sex and controversial themes that both provoke thought and entertain,” Piper said.

“There are very few plays that I have seen or worked on that have such depth while being both hysterically funny and touching."

"Boom" contains adult situations, and is not recommended for children.

“This is a show about relationships and connection, and in
a way, I think that’s what Summer Circle Theatre is about,” Piper said.

“Summer Circle is a great way for Michigan State’s theater
department to reach out and share free theater with the greater East
Lansing and Lansing community, and that isn’t an opportunity that we
experience very often.”

The Summer Circle Theatre series concludes next week with a
production of the Harvey Schmidt/Tom Jones musical "The Fantasticks,"
in which love blooms between Matt and Luisa, the children of two fathers
embroiled in a supposed family feud.

Michigan State University Summer Circle Theatre
8 p.m. Wednesday, June 15, Thursday, June 16, Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 17
Outdoor theater behind the MSU Auditorium, along the Red Cedar River
This show is recommended for adults.