June 22 2011 12:00 AM

Lansing neighborhood shows off its floral finery as the Westside Garden Tour gets underway


The gardeners of the Westside neighborhood are watering
their flower beds and pruning their vegetable rows in preparation for
the Westside Garden Tour 2011 fundraiser for Advent House Ministries.

It’s the neighborhood’s first garden tour since 2007, said Carolyn Callen, head organizer for the event. 

“There is a pride in this neighborhood,”
she said. “Rarely, rarely do we ever get (any gardener) who says no.
They might say ’next year,’ but people are very willing to do it because
we support Advent House Ministries.” 

The garden tour takes place from 2 to 6
p.m. Sunday. Addresses of the gardens are listed on the ticket; to
prevent early browsing, the organizers prefer not to give away the
locations in advance.

Advent House Ministries supports the
homeless by providing temporary housing and life and job skills. The
charity opens every weekend to provide shelter and food to the
economically disadvantaged, Callen said. 

The event features a raffle for prizes
including quilts, family memberships at the YMCA, a cruise for four on
the Grand River and a glass bowl from artist Craig Mitchell Smith.
Tickets are $2 each, or three for $5, and can be purchased at Lansing’s
Westside Fire Station #7, 629 W. Jenison Ave.