June 22 2011 12:00 AM

628 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing (517) 316-1272 Hours: M-Sat 9 a.m.-10 a.m.


I visited Your Healthy Choice Clinic on Michigan Avenue across from Clara’s Restaurant late on a recent Friday morning. Your Healthy Choice has been open since 2009 and was one of the first dispensaries in Lansing to offer physician certification services as well as Michigan Medical Marihuana Program consultation to patients and caregivers.

Patients enter a spacious, comfortable lobby and have their credentials checked with clinic staff before being permitted to enter the area of the dispensary where medication and other THC products are displayed. Membership fees are $20 for one year and entitle members to discounts. Members can also return any medications they find are unacceptable to them on the basis of quality or efficacy for their ailments. However, this membership is optional, and I was told membership benefits are being revised. Your Healthy Choice also offers workshops on cooking, legal issues and growing as well as certification renewals and cannabis oil treatments.

The clinic website is impressive, sporting a medibles menu, information on qualifying conditions, clinic information and updates and links to other useful resources (e.g., recipes and cooking information.) The clinic seems to promote on its website as well as on a face-to-face basis a respectful attitude toward patients and the community, collecting donated food for the City Rescue Mission and participating in city government-related meetings. Its website is well organized, user friendly, attractive and full of useful information.

Your Healthy Choice’s selection of medibles was impressive in the range of products available — certainly the most varied menu I have seen around town. While a full medibles list is available online, there are baked goods, candies, beverages, ice creams, cannabutter for cooking, tinctures and lotions.

On the day I visited, a decent selection of cannabis was available ranging from $12 to $15 a gram, as well as hash at $20 a gram. I selected a gram of the Hawaiian Hash and a THC oil gel capsule of a sativa-indica hybrid.

With regard to the hash, I smoked it (as opposed to vaporization) and found it had a cinnamon and woody flavor and was very effective in relieving pain and body tension. However, it had profound effects on cognitive functioning and would be best used late in the day or toward bedtime, as it can also be somewhat sedating. Juggling chainsaws after ingesting this hash is highly discouraged.

The THC gel cap caused a very subtle, mild and heady effect that was only evident after one to two hours and which lasted four to five hours in total. I would say one could read, perform light chores and visit with friends at home without difficulty.

Given the helpful staff attitude, range of products available — especially the selection of medibles — and the comprehensive service array (medical certification, consultation and advocacy services), patients can get most of their needs met at Your Healthy Choice Clinic.