June 29 2011 12:00 AM

2012 N. Larch St., Lansing. 517-977-1085. Hours: M-Sat 10 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sun 11 a.m.-7 p.m.


Star Buds — northeast of Old Town on
Larch Street — is easy to spot in the small shopping plaza next to
Quality Dairy. Star Buds specializes in the assorted ways of using
medical marijuana: lotions, foods and raw marijuana (for which several
different styles of pipes and vaporizers are for sale). 

The store has a noticeably put-together,
clean and professional feel to it. I was greeted by two employees who
were wearing matching scrub tops with Star Buds logos — a small but nice
touch. They verified my card and driver’s license before showing me

Star Buds had a surprisingly small
selection of raw cannabis considering the amount of other items in the
shop. I was unable to get much information on the roughly 10 different
strains beyond whether a strain was sativa, indica or a hybrid. Star
Buds could use a budtender who knows the strain’s lineage and is aware
of what ailments the strains treat. It’s imperative dispensary owners
hire knowledgeable staff who can help patients find the right medicine.  

I found two samples I liked at $15 and
$20 a gram. One was Snow White, a hybrid that I couldn’t get much
information on beyond: “It’s a good smoke.” The Snow White helped
stimulate my appetite quite a bit — a half-gram sample did the trick and
I had a glorious lunch (uncommon for me) on my first try of this

Then I tried the indica Medi at $20 a
gram. This was a nice smoke, but it felt like more of a hybrid as it set
in behind the eyes quite a bit. Again, the lineage was unknown. The
half-gram sample helped eliminate my back pain on a day when lots of
strenuous gardening had been done. Both tasted pleasant and burned well.

I tried a sucker made with tincture, but I
was unable to finish it. After a couple minutes I started feeling sick
to my stomach. Usually tincture-based candies are the only medibles I
like, but it depends on whether it’s alcohol- or glycerin-based.
Nonetheless, Star Buds has a huge sucker variety, and if they work for
you, you’ll find something you like.

Star Buds’ atmosphere — and a new massage
therapist on staff — makes this shop worth a visit. Doctor
certifications are available and the diverse forms of medicine are
certainly patient-friendly. However, the staff may want to expand its
knowledge on strains and varieties of raw cannabis. With these simple
improvements, watch Star Buds take off like a shooting … star. Pardon
the cheesy line, but I couldn’t resist. Anyway they’ll do fine if they
maintain the image and product quality. This reviewer may be seen there
soon getting a massage.