July 6 2011 12:00 AM

6026 W. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd., Lansing (517) 580-4334 Hours: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. 7 days a week


South Lansing’s Tri-Castle Cannabuzz is located on the west side of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard just north of Miller Road and, based on my personal experience, is easily overlooked. After several minutes touring this section of MLK, I was able to find this dispensary housed in a simple, unassuming single-story building.

The open lobby contains a medibles vending machine, which is a first for me, as well as some pipes and other smoking and vaporizing accessories. A back room holds a desk and a counter for medicines. I visited on a recent Friday morning and was greeted by an affable individual who checked out my credentials and identification, as is the norm at all legitimate businesses. I had plenty of questions for him about operations and I’m usually pleasantly surprised by how helpful most dispensary staff try to be. In this instance, the person helping me was not particularly knowledgeable about the available strains, the nature of Tri-Castle Cannabuzz’s affiliation with TNT MMP Resource center on Michigan Avenue (it is noted on their materials), nor of services listed on the dispensary’s literature (i.e. clones for purchase and physician referrals). However, he did indicate that he was new to this location and he gave me a stack of literature on the business.

During this particular visit, Cannabuzz had about eight different strains as well as a selection of baked goods, lotions and tinctures available. Most grams were $15 each, which is not at all atypical for quality cannabis in the Lansing area. The employee helping me was not certain about which strains were sativa, indica or hybrids.

I randomly selected a strain named White Russian for $15, which combines the White Widow — an indica — and AK 47, which is a hybrid with stronger sativa qualities.

I smoked the White Russian, which was spicy and had hints of sage flavoring. As a hybrid, it should have alleviated pain, increased appetite and balanced energy by providing a boost and feelings of relaxation concurrently. I can report that it was effective in reducing my severe back pain and I was not fatigued or overly foggy from the medication.

This particular strain at this particular dispensary was effective for me, but with the number of dispensaries now open in Lansing (41) and the lack of regulation or oversight (which is coming), it really is a laissez-faire market. If you find a dispensary you like with quality medication, knowledgeable staff and good service, you may be wise to stick with it. It may not pay to be a tourist in your town in this situation.