July 13 2011 12:00 AM

700 W. Barnes Ave., Lansing (517) 999-3012 Hours: M-Sat 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.


This Hydroworld location — one of two — is nestled in a mostly residential neighborhood, in the shadow of St. Casmir’s Catholic Church. A sign on the entrance to HydroWorld encourages customers to be good neighbors and avoid parking in the church’s lot. When you enter the spacious lobby area, a doorbell alerts staff of your presence.

I was greeted by an employee who works in the growers supply

section at this location. There is a waiting area for individuals needing assistance with certification and medications and a second, larger room that hosts a full range of growing supplies. My credentials were reviewed and I was assigned to an employee to view available medical marijuana products.

With regard to medicine, most grams go for $17 and hash for $20, although both stores have weekly specials. A decent selection of medibles includes baked goods, candies and other consumables. Medibles range from $5 for cookies or brownies to $40 for specialty items.

I tried the double chocolate chip bar marked “potent.” This was, essentially, a baked good made in a home kitchen not inspected by the state Department of Agriculture, so buyer beware. This treat, half of which I consumed in one sitting, was quite tasty without being overpowering and the effects went far beyond my expectations both in terms of endurance and potency. I use medical marijuana for chronic pain and my condition was alleviated completely for four to five hours. This would be an exceptional choice for individuals with appetite issues or those with a chronic illness. Moreover, the medible effectively addressed my pain without causing fatigue.

HydroWorld offers a diverse selection of cannabis for smoking or vaporizing. One variety was developed by owner Danny Trevino, for which I can personally vouch. On this foray, however, I went for the Grandaddy Purp strain, an indica originally from Northern California. Indicas, of course, are known for creating a “body buzz” sensation that relieves pain, increases appetite and has positive effects for those suffering from insomnia or anxiety without the mental spaciness that can accompany sativa strains. The Grandaddy Purp variety is known for its grape flavor (hence the name) and this particular sample had a lavender, floral taste when smoked.

Hydroworld has a full line of growing supplies, certification services and a good selection of products at a fair rate. The double chocolate chip bar was a highlight and a recommended option for those who want to avoid smoking.