March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Rich Michaels, er Minaya, finds a job in Florida and assumes his real name

Thursday, July 14 — Rich Michaels in the Morning is Rich Minaya in the afternoons now – 1,400 miles away.

Michaels, who was on the air here on WMMQ 94.9 FM, has signed on as the host of a radio show in Miami, where he is using his real last name, Minaya. Citadel Broadcasting fired him in December for “insubordinate behavior,” he told City Pulse in March.

“The Rich Minaya” show on 610 AM WIOD in Miami airs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and sticks to conservative-laced politics. It’s on after Rush Limbaugh and before Sean Hannity. WIOD is owned by Clear Channel Radio.

Minaya apparently is dropping all reference to his former personality. His Facebook page is now under his real name; now re-directs to; and this message appears on his website: “I'm here. There's palm trees. It's warm. And I've got one of the greatest jobs in America. … Everything will be going over to my legal name. It's odd, but it was my idea as a way of starting over for many reasons.”

Minaya’s first show was Monday. The Sun Sentinel newspaper in Ft. Lauderdale had an online story about his new job four days prior and comments about the “new guy” came rolling in quickly. Of nine comments on Minaya’s first show, only one showed support.

“Jack R.” wrote: “I just listened to Manaya for almost an hour and a half. It’s all I could stand. He’s awful and he apparently knows virtually nothing about south Florida, so what’s the point?”

From “Susan”: “Wow. That new guy on WIOD was terrible. Sounded like he just graduated from broadcasting school. He kept pressing that the new slant was ‘local’. … However, he obviously is from elsewhere. He has little to no knowledge of the SOFla market. Painful. I’ll give him a week to be fair. Most likely he’ll end up back in the area he came from!”

And “MrBad” touched on an a domestic violence allegation against Minaya in Eaton County last July after an incident with his former wife, Lisa Minaya. He spent a night in jail but was never charged. MrBad’s comment: “The new guy sucks. A caller called Rich Manaya out on a domestic violence charge from wherever he is from.. The Chiken S**t hung up on the caller and tried to make like the guy never even mentioned it.

“He kept up on a rant about how some poor schmuck should be thrown in jail because he was down on his luck, car broke down and caused the dj a**hole to be stuck in traffic.

“Well welcome to Miami a’hole… there’s traffic, with or without broke down cars.

“You suck, your show sucks, and shnitt was the lessor of two evils.”

But he has at least one fan in “Fred”:

“I’m new to south fla and I like minaya. Give the guy a month or so. I looked hm up and he’s had a very successful career in other parts of the country. …

“Hang in there minaya, and don’t worry about stepping on hannity’s toes. You are allowed to point out that this country is quickly turning into an “obamanation”. At least I hope WIOD hasn’t muzzled you. …”