March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Watch the skies tonight in downtown East Lansing

Tuesday, July 26There's not much of a chance of rain tonight. However, gallons of water will be flying through the air and
hurtling down to the ground i
n Valley Court Park in
downtown East Lansing. Anyone in the area is also encouraged to bring his or
her sunglasses for this event.

These discordant details will not be the result
of a bizarre weather phenomenon — or any other sort of impending apocalypse — but
rather the product of a giant catapult.

Tonight at 7 p.m., the Impression 5 science
center will demonstrate the capabilities of trebuchet catapults as part of
East Lansing’s Play in the Park summer activity series.

Several trebuchets of various sizes will be set
up for this family-friendly, hands-on demonstration. Participants will be
challenged to adjust the counterweights of the catapults in order to fling
gallons of water varying distances across the park. They will learn about the
science behind gravity and how to determine a trajectory path, and of course,
they will get to watch things fly and splatter.

ageless in a sense,” said Micaela Balzer, education director of the Impression
5 science center. “Who doesn’t like to see things being thrown into the air?”

However, Balzer has
an important safety recommendation. “Wear sunglasses,” she urges anyone
interested in attending. “People want to look up at the sky to see it all, and
wearing sunglasses is a must.”

In the
unlikely event of stormy weather, it will be canceled.

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