Last Tuesday, students at the Studio Performing Arts Center hopped,
popped and locked in a special community master dance class with hip-hop artist
Ryan “Bosco” Baker.

Bosco has worked and performed alongside many famous icons
of popular culture such as 50 Cent, Green Day, P!nk, Fergie, Missy Elliott and
more. Last week, however, he spent some of his time with an eager group of
dance students in East Lansing. His lesson included a hip-hop routine that had
options for all skill levels, ranging from some beginner’s hip-hop dance moves and techniques, such as
how to hop and land gracefully and how to roll your shoulders, to more advanced
steps for experienced dancers.

“It’s fun to have Bosco come in because he’s teaching not
from a show, but from hip-hop moves from the west coast,” said P.K. Van
Voorhees, artistic director and instructor at the dance studio. She explained that several times a year,
students have the opportunity to take special master class lessons from visiting
artists. Recent guests have included members from the cast of the musicals “Wicked”
and “Mary Poppins,” but this is
the first time they have had a hip-hop dance course of this nature. “It’s fun
to have some real current material,” she added enthusiastically.

The students included boys and girls, ranging from young
children to young adults with varying backgrounds in dance. Although many began
the hour-long lesson as novice hip-hop dancers, by the end they could perform
the moves and routine to a music track.

With a hint of pride in his voice, Bosco reflected on the
experience. “It’s something that
brings people together, boys and girls, old and young, different races,
different everything. They just come together and they can do it no boundaries. I like that.

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