Aug. 17 2011 12:00 AM

5681 Shaw Road, Haslett


Property: 5681 Shaw Road, Haslett

Owners: Gary and Carol Oryszczak

Assessed value: $ 91,100

Owner says: Could not be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Everyone
needs a change every once in a while. So do buildings. The property at
5681 Shaw Road is ready for a change, and a major renovation or complete
new construction would be just right. The intentional use of ambient
northern light — cool illumination from the skylights and windows fill
the interior with lovely natural lighting — is a great design technique
that should be maintained during a renovation or should inform the
design for new construction. To learn more about northern ambient light
in design from Harrell-Seyburn see this story at

At this Shaw Road property sits an abandoned building that
looks as if it was transported from the set of a dystopian science
fiction film in which the end is near and the cast of actors will soon
be diminished to one. 

The structure now features exposed insulation, rotting
wooden framing, curled roof shingles and a death trap of staircases. An
outer glass wall gives a fully accessed view to rooms full of building
materials and various objects covered in dust. Although the grass yard
was recently mowed, the overgrown brush at the entrances and parking lot
could prevent entry. 

— Ashley Brown