What is the greatest contribution that City Pulse makes to local theater? Someone in local theater management would probably answer: previews of upcoming shows. A participant in local theater would say: reviewing every production. The Pulsar Awards ceremony not only rewards work the Pulsar panel sees as worthy, but the local theater community a banquet where it can socialize and network in a setting which had not existed until Pulse leadership put it together.

When local theater loses one of its leaders, City Pulse has the heart to respond. A recent example is the article published upon the death of Bob Gras, “Remembering a theater ‘Pillar.’” City Pulse also covers events in the theater community that can’t be covered in previews or reviews. When Riverwalk was conducting its Golden Anniversary project to expand its lobby, improve its restroom facilities and create a Black Box performing space, City Pulse ran articles charting its construction progress from beginning to end.

Furthermore, when local theater groups experiment, as Peppermint Creek and Riverwalk did when they staged a joint production of “Caroline, or Change,” City Pulse made sure the the project was covered, giving credit to the Arts Council of Greater Lansing for its funding support of the project.

From previews to reviews to theater news to the Pulsars, City Pulse chronicles the progress of theater in the Greater Lansing community with informed judgment and generous recognition.

Dr. William Helder, Past President, Riverwalk Theatre Board of Directors