Congratulations to the Lansing City Pulse on celebrating their 10th anniversary! While taking the time to mark out a decade of leading local coverage here in the Greater Lansing area is important, it certainly doesn’t make me feel any younger.

I have had the opportunity to watch this paper grow from a coffee shop press to a regional weekly news source with 440 points of distribution and a readership of over 40,000. Week in and week out the City Pulse provides great content in its paper. However, the real value to the city of Lansing is what is read between the lines.

Those of us who have lived in Lansing our entire lives understand whole-heartedly the sentiment that I have heard countless times when talking to folks around town: “Lansing is a big city with a small town feel.” It is a sense of interconnectedness in our community that makes the Capital City so unique. Not only does the paper bring us together by publicizing the local happenings around town, but it also provides a vital public service in education on the important issues our residents are facing.

I applaud the team and hope that over the next 10 years the City Pulse will maintain the same passion and dedication to asking the tough questions, and writing the hard-hitting stories that make our community stronger.

Derrick Quinney is an At-Large Lansing City Councilman, and a lifelong Lansing resident.