Sept. 7 2011 12:00 AM

Lansing City Council to meet Thursday afternoon over some light business

Wednesday, Sept. 7 — The Lansing City Council is scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon over some minor business that includes granting nonprofit status to a local organization, settling two special assessment claims and three tributes.

The Lansing Education Advancement Foundation is seeking nonprofit status in the city so it can obtain a charitable gaming license. The city’s recognition is required by state law in order to receive the gaming license.

In other business, Lansing resident Rachel Kersey sought to eliminate a $6,001 bill she received by the city for “Board Up & Title Search and Demolition fees” for her property at 1208 Cawood St. in the 4th Ward. The Council’s Committee on General Services denied the claim on Aug. 29. The Council will vote Thursday to finalize the denial.

In other claims business, the Council will vote to reduce Lansing resident Gary Manthei’s bill for having long grass and weeds from $377 to $112. The grass and weeds in question were at Manthei’s property at 754 Princeton Ave., also in the 4th Ward.

The Council is also scheduled to recognize Carroll and Louise Carter on their 12 years of service at the Prince of Peace Baptist Church; Leaving Everlasting Memories As Time Advances’ annual “Celebrating Survival” cancer survivor’s fashion show; and this month as National Recovery Month in the city, dedicated to those struggling with substance abuse.

The Council’s Committee of the Whole will meet following the 1:30 p.m. Council meeting. It’s scheduled to discuss a joint Committee of the Whole and Parks Board meeting on Sept. 28, which will likely cover the city’s parks naturalization plan. The committee also is scheduled to receive updates from the administration on late-July flood damage in the Burchfield Neighborhood on the south side and the Police Department’s south precinct lease.