Sept. 14 2011 12:00 AM

Michigan State University offers up double bill

Lammers is the director of “Return to
the Upright Position,” a performance collaboration written in the six
months after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.  The
show is half of a double-bill alongside “What Happened: The September
11th Testimony Project” premiering Tuesday at Michigan State
University’s Auditorium Theatre.

Happened” is directed by Wes Haskell and features testimonials based on
eyewitness accounts from bystanders and emergency personnel, while
Lammers’ “Return” is more of a performance poem according to the

“It’s poetry mixed with some monologues, very stream of
consciousness,” she said. “When we go through a tragedy as
life-altering as 9/11 — sometimes our thoughts don’t make sense. It’s
very abstract and very beautiful.”

Lammers said her cast members, most of whom were too
young to fully understand the events as they unfolded, have found the
show to be a real learning experience and have gelled into a “really
exciting ensemble.”

 “We’ve all
cried,” Lammers said. “The really special thing that has happened is
how we’re all taking care of each other and supporting each other.”

Lammers said she sees the show as an opportunity for the
audience to reflect on the tragedy and how they’ve been affected in its

 “I’m hoping people will think back and process what they were going through that day," she said.  "Really take a look at where we are now as a country in terms of processing and healing from what happened.”

"TWO 9/11 Plays"

"Return to the Upright Position"

"What Happened"

Michigan State University, Auditorium Arena Theatre

Sept. 20-Oct.1


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