Celebrity impersonations, puppets, dance
numbers, comedy sketches and even a little magic are what can be
expected from "Dance/Comedy," a touring variety show hitting Spiral
Video & Dance Bar.

"Dance/Comedy" consists of a group of
four or five performers playing various characters ranging from Lady
Gaga to Morticia Adams. The show, produced by Madison, Wisc.-based
Randy Bouche Productions, also features plenty of adult-themed humor.

“It’s a sassy but classy variety and
comedy revue show,” said Randy Bouche, the director, producer and lead
choreographer of Dance/Comedy. “Let the kid in you giggle at our
sweetly irreverent puppets, and gape at our magic and variety numbers.” 

Audiences will also get to see a unique version of Adam and Eve, as well as vamps, tramps and much more, Bouche added. 

Bouche came up with the show after a
desire to create something comical and engaging while also creating
something with a general sex appeal. 

“I had already done dance, comedy,
puppetry, magic; now I wanted to make it all sexy,” Bouche said. “So
each number has a sexy edge to it in some way.” He accomplished this
through costuming, choosing material, the type of songs and the
performers themselves.

Although the cast of 20-somethings may
differ slightly from city to city it mainly features Bouche, model KJ
(also known as Redd Hott), comedian and puppeteer Tyler Falco-Scott,
and the newest edition, Baby Lux, a theater student. 

“Ive watched the show develop and change with each new cast member,” said Bouche.  “Everyone brings a different element to the show.  Its always something creative and interesting.”

The variety revue has been touring the
Midwest in its current form since November of 2010. Bouche said the
show usually tours four to six cities a month. 

“The more we travel the stronger the show becomes,” he said. 

Bouche is no stranger to impersonations
and variety shows. He started as a female impersonator in the 1990’s.
He then created "The CC Rae Comedy Show," a one-man variety show
featuring Bouche’s impersonations of, among others, Peg Bundy and
Barbra Streisand, as well as original characters, stand-up and puppet
routines. "The CC Rae Comedy Show" toured in 275 cities, including
Lansing, in the mid-1990s.

While "Dance/Comedy" features a similar
concept to "CC Rae," he said it’s different in that it has an ensemble
cast and has staged production numbers. The production features a
full-cast go-go routine to Rhianna’s hit single “S&M,” and a comedy
strip routine by a hobo character.

“Ive always done group performances on
a local level but never hired a group to travel with,” Bouche said.
“Having a group of performers gives us so much versatility.”

For those who stop by to see the show at Spiral, Bouche promises laughter, entertainment and lots of fun.

“The show is funny, sexy, clever and downright entertaining,” Bouche said.


ft. Chez Bouche

Spiral Video and Dance Bar

1247 Center St., Lansing

7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18