Sept. 28 2011 12:00 AM

Craig and Weisz’s ‘Dream House’ might be a nightmare


It’s not much of a spoiler to say that
“Dream House” had a happy ending for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz: The
stars, who fell in love on the set, were married this summer in upstate
New York. D

But the fate of the project that brought
them together — that may not be much of a cause for celebration. “Dream
House,” in which Craig and Weisz play a couple spooked by weird
goings-on in their newly purchased New England home, began shooting in
February 2010 and has since been what’s known in the film industry as a
“problem picture.” The cast was called back for reshoots almost a year
after the film was supposedly finished. The movie also had a tough time
getting its PG-13 rating: Its violence had to be toned down to appease
the Motion Picture Association of America board.

Universal Pictures has now more or less
confirmed that “Dream House” is a nightmare by scrapping any
pre-release press screenings, almost always an admission that the movie
is a bomb just waiting to go off. While it’s not uncommon for studios
to veto previews of schlock like “Shark Night 3-D” or “Bucky Larson:
Born to Be a Star,” it’s rare to see a project with headliners of Craig
and Weisz’s stature being rolled into theaters under a bushel. After
all, “Dream House” co-stars Naomi Watts and it’s directed by Jim
Sheridan, the man who made the Oscar-winning “My Left Foot.”

But even if “Dream House” ends up being
a disaster, Craig and Weisz won’t exactly be drummed out of the
business: Weisz stars in three upcoming films that were shown at the
Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month — “360,” “Page
Eight” and “The Deep Blue Sea,” a story about illicit love in
post-World War II England that’s already prompted talk of a possible
Oscar nomination for her splendid performance — and Craig has a little
movie coming out this holiday season called “The Girl With the Dragon
Tattoo.” You might have heard about it.

And, of course, they have each other, right? 

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