Property:  359 University Drive, East Lansing

Owner:  Shanna and Andy Draheim

Taxpayer: Shanna and Andy Draheim

Assessed:  $21,300

People have a strong aesthetic sense of what is a home.
Take a look around the Lansing area — it’s clear that Michiganders have
distinctly traditional inclinations.  

The latest addition to East Lansing’s Chesterfield Hills
Neighborhood, 359 University Drive completed in April 2011, is a
traditional two-story style house that is aesthetically pleasing to our
traditional tastes and environmentally friendly. It is a superb example
of the evolution and success of today’s green building design.
According to owner, Shanna Draheim, what she loves the most about her
house is that it is both energy efficient and totally ordinary. 

The house was built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design) standards, including re-purposed materials,
notably salvaged hardwood floors from Detroit, structural insulated
panels for the exterior envelope, and a rain garden for stormwater. The
house is expected to be certified with a gold rating or even possibly a
platinum rating. Look for an update later this year. 

As more people become hip to this environmentally sensitive type of design, the extraordinary will ideally become ordinary.