Oct. 12 2011 12:00 AM

Julian VanDyke and James McFarland host two events to benefit Mid-Michigan Food Bank

Ever dreamed of watching two men paint in a hot tub?

If you ask nicely and have your checkbook handy, you might get the chance during Art Nights at Hotwater Works.

Local artists Julian Van Dyke and James McFarland are hosting the Oct. 13 and 20 events to benefit the Mid-Michigan Food Bank.

The two, who have been friends since the late 1980s, will
paint at each event and these pieces — as well as previous works — will
be available for auction.

Van Dyke has previously contributed a few paintings to benefit the Food Bank, but he wanted to do something on a larger scale.

“We obviously live in one of the areas that have been hit
hardest by the recession,” he said. “There are people who can’t even
afford food and clothing. The idea was if we can’t sell it, let’s give
it away.”

McFarland is the owner of Hotwater Works, a hot tub
dealer on Michigan Avenue. This venue provided the pair with enough
space to accommodate a large audience. The artists will take
suggestions from the crowd about the art they create.

“We both have an abstract style,” Van Dyke said. “We have
some ideas for one of the pieces, but we’ll be conversing with the
audience about what kind of artwork they want to see.”

The evenings also feature a hot tub and gift certificate giveaways. 

Art Nights

5 to 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13 and Oct. 20

Hotwater Works

2116 E. Michigan Ave.