Property:  918 N. Larch Street, Lansing

Owner:  Domingo Trevino Sr., and Eusebia Cortez

Taxpayer: Domingo Trevino Sr., and Eusebia Cortez

Assessed:  $22,900

Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: At first
glance the second-story windows on 918 N. Larch Street appear to be
mistakenly askew — windows should be symmetrical, right!? Quirks like
this are typical in this type of vernccular architecture with the
second-story windows placed asymmetrical to accommodate the interior
stair while ensuring that each bedroom has a source of natural light.
Keep an eye out for this and other architectural whimsy.

Let’s be honest, this house needs some work. The paint is
flaking off, the steps are starting to sag and the inevitable boarding
up of windows and doors has begun both on the front of the house and on
the side. The glimpse of curtains in the side of the second-story
windows may be charming, but the rest of the house plainly shows that
no occupants have been here in quite some time. The plants on the side
of the house are uncut and starting to die, the leaves from the
surrounding trees are slowly covering any trace of a driveway or path
to the door. Soon nature, rather than the homeowner, will reclaim this
place for its own.