March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Musician David Meader releases his first CD Saturday

Thursday, Oct. 20 — David Meeder believes that the flute is a “heart-centered”
instrument: You carve the “heart” out of the instrument, but when you play it
you put the heart back into it to create the music. He has been playing music
for over 30 years and calls his first album, “Eye of the Storm,” “a labor of
love” inspired by vacant buildings in Detroit.

Meeder was once an energy auditor and consultant and spent a
lot of time driving through Detroit, and his music is based on the “modern-day
ruins” he saw.

To Meeder, “Eye of the Storm” means entering a great change
to find the peaceful center, which is what he wants his music to represent to
the audience.

According to Meeder, Native American music is an expressive
genre of its own, and a listener takes just one song, they won’t get the whole
picture. “They all work together to tell a different story,” he says.

Meeder will perform at a CD release party at Art Alley at 7
p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22. Admission is free, but Art Alley suggests a $5
suggested donation.

David Meeder
CD release party
7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22
Art Alley, 1133 S. Washington Ave.

Free, but a $5 donation is suggested
(612) 385-1044