March 18 2013 12:00 AM

Lansing Community College revisits 'The Shrike'

Friday, Nov. 4 —  Joseph
Kramm’s “The Shrike” is Lansing Community College’s entry in the sixth annual
Stages of the Law series, sponsored by Cooley Law School. “The Shrike” opens tonight
at Dart Auditorium.

The drama is directed by Paige Dunckel, a theater teacher at LCC. She has used the
play in her classes before. “I always knew I wanted to direct it,” she said.

Shrike” debuted on Broadway in 1952 and was turned into a movie shortly afterward.
It focuses on a man driven to the brink of insanity as a result of his
manipulative wife. The subject of mental health is what drew Dunckel to the

still a timely topic,” she said. “Everyone has dealt with someone in their
family or extended family that may have had mental health issues. It’s a
continual problem.

wanted to explore the family dynamic. We can still get a message out of that

the play is over 50 years old, Dunckel didn’t approach it with a historical
point of view. “I approached it as a psychological drama. Even though it’s the
main character that’s committed, all the other characters are affected as well —
doctors, nurses, family members,” she said.

cast features Michael Banghart, Beth Martin and Ken Beachler. The Nov. 5
performance is

Cooley Night, with two-for-one tickets, a
reception and a talkback featuring a Cooley Law School professor Kim O’Leary.


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