March 18 2013 12:00 AM

City Council candidate gives signs of quitting, but says she hasn’t

Tuesday, Nov. 8 — Has Rory Neuner quit her race for Lansing City Council, at least effectively?

She said no in a text message today.

But Neuner, who is in a four-way race for one of two at-large seats, turned down an invitation on election eve to appear on camera on WILX, the TV station said on its website.

She didn’t complete a candidate questionnaire late in the race for

And she has no party scheduled for tonight for supporters.

“Just because I didn’t want to be on camera doesn’t mean I quit,” she texted today.

“I’ve had some very busy weeks at work,” she added. “Mlive fell through the cracks. I’m exhausted, thus no party. I’m off to Detroit at 6am tomorrow for work.”

A Neuner campaign worker said he knows she plans to stay at home election night to “enjoy the comfort of her home,” as the worker said she told him.

A campaign worker said she was dispirited over the way the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, which endorsed her and contributed money to her campaign, has attacked one of her opponents, incumbent Derrick Quinney. He speculated it may have affected her campaign efforts.

Neuner said “I am not trying to help Quinney.”

She also said she knocked on doors on Saturday “but caught rain.”