Nov. 15 2011 12:00 AM

Insurance requirement falls short

I just read that the Michigan House of Representatives is set to vote on legislation which would allow people over 21 to drive a motorcycle on the streets and highways of this State if they "purchase$20,000 worth of health insurance" to cover the cost of their injuries. This Dear Public finally shows you how moronic our Republican Legislators really are in Michigan. This is the SAME concept approved by Congress requiring those individuals who do not have health insurance to do so. HELLO Michigan Republicans...and those who vote them into you really think that (a) $20,000 is sufficient insurance to cover someone who goes over the handle bars of a motorcycle at 70+ miles an hour; and (b) how is that these legislators cannot connect the dots from requiring the purchase of national health care to requiring motorcycle drivers to purchase insurance to drive a motorcycle? The Republicans have now proven how stupid they really are. Gee, let´s all vote them for another couple of years and see what other idiotic ideas they can enact into law. It is time to send them all home where they belong.

— Dennis J. Hall Lansing

High-speed rail is a waste of tax money

What a sad waste of tax money we do NOT have! Today the Heritage Foundation stated that rail ridership in Europe is declining not growing. What is being proposed is NOT high speed rail. Every time you see High Speed Rail linking to what Michigan is wasting money on is a bold faced lie. All this is is a marginal increase in speed at a very, very high cost. The end result will mean even larger subsidies to keep this service going. More money we do NOT have. The huge problem is customs at the border. That can be solved for far less. Why not just fix that first?? Florida is right to turn down this waste of money. Michigan is wrong to take it.

— GuardSGT from