Property: 1431 Knollwood Ave., Lansing

Owner:  Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

Taxpayer: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

Assessed:  $21,000

Owner says: As trustee, Deutsche Bank is
not responsible for maintaining foreclosed properties. Rather, loan
servicing companies are responsible for property maintenance, and we
have alerted the relevant loan servicer to this issue.

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: The
wheelchair ramp at 1431 Knollwood Ave. is a reminder that our
communities, in particular the residential stock, need serious
modifications to accommodate our rapidly aging population. All too
often people think that making an older home accessible means damaging
its architectural character — not so. Any well-crafted building
combined with clever solutions such as wheelchair lifts or ramps
concealed within the porch can strike the right balance. It’s about
accessibility and aesthetics.

The wheelchair ramp may have helped an
elderly former owner, but neglect has made the same modifications a
danger to future residents. Weeds are poking through the wheelchair
ramp and the wood is suffering from not being properly maintained. A
steadily sagging roof only adds to the repair bills as does the need to
replace the front window, which is currently boarded shut. Even the
greatest modifications become hassles without proper care, and this
home has not been cared for recently.