Property:  1635 Vermont Ave., Lansing

Owner:  Lois Goddard

Taxpayer: Lois Goddard

Assessed:  $27,600

Owner says: Unable to be reached for comment

Architecture critic Amanda Harrell-Seyburn says: Every
once in a while the simplest structure surprises — vertical wood siding
at 1635 Vermont Ave. This type of siding is relatively rare in contrast
to its cousin, horizontal siding, that dominates Lansing’s residential
architecture. The vertical choice is wise as it does for this small
house what pinstripes do for a man in a suit — it makes the house
appear taller. A new paint job will really make this quite a
smart-looking house.

A pink paint job is reason enough to
label this home an eyesore, but this house’s problems extend far beyond
the color. Windows on the front and side of the house are boarded up.
The front door, which has not been replaced with plywood, no longer
latches and blows open in the breeze. It appears as if the previous
owner was in the middle of whitewashing over the unfortunate color  when
something happened to make them stop — after only a quarter of the
front of the house had been completed. The rusted-out basketball hoop
over the slowly collapsing garage completes the house’s look of
abandonment. However cute it may have been originally, it is far from
looking that way now.